Is Anybody Out There?

Was Pink Floyd’s content return shrinking when they wrote this song?

Hello! Is there anybody out there? As Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” played in the background, I wondered to myself if that must be how marketers suffering from the content marketing paradigm feel? We are producing more and more content, but our results are shrinking. It’s a frustrating feeling that can make you wonder where did my market go?

Those of us in the Content Marketing game, are highly engaged. We create and distribute enough content to keep a small country, or a large state, reading for the year. We are definitely not “lost for words.” Yet most of us are seeing the results from our hard work shrinking.

So, Why is it Happening?

Why is this happening? Great question. My personal observations were formed using logic and common sense.  It is quite possible that a few items on my list are compounding together to create the paradox.

These include:

  • We are collectively flooding the market with too much content
  • Our collective content is too much alike. They’ve seen something similar.
  • Part (or all) of our content is not hitting the correct audience target
  • Our targets don’t know they have the problems our content is about.

Welcome to the Machine

We are collectively flooding the market with too much content. I can hear you now, “Oh, no! Say it ain’t so, Joe!” Our in-house content factories are churning out content widgets at full speed ahead.

Comfortably Numb

Our collective content is too much alike. Our readers have seen too many content pieces that are similar. Have we bored them into being comfortably numb? I personally have seen way too much duplication. In researching topics, that I am about to write, I look at four or five pieces written others. My goal is to find a way of being unique.

The Thin Ice

Part (or all) of our content is not hitting the correct audience target. I get things all the time in my inbox that make me scratch my head and say “what moron sent this to me? They don’t know me at all!” Yes, we could all be on thin ice with those we have sent unfocused emails to. Assuring that our data bases contain the right target audience would help our numbers greatly.

Brain Damage

Our targets don’t know they have the problems our content is about.  Some content discusses solutions for problems that they don’t have. Or at the very least the Purchasing Manager doesn’t know the IT Manager is having. They must think that we are all suffer from brain damage or something. I can hear it now, “why are they sending this to me?”

The Show Must Go On

Well, what can we do about this? The show must go on. First, I am trying to send a message that will resonate with this audience. I am also doing my best to present my email teaser and content in a unique fashion and format it for easy reading or scanning. Lastly, I am asking our sales team to help me build a list of problems our contacts are facing. They are quizzing their contacts, so that we know this information is spot on. Sales is also suggesting to these contacts that they discuss their pain points so that buyers can be on the lookout for solutions.

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