Why Isn’t Sales Using Your Content?


It’s High Time Sales & Marketing Work Together

Why is it that there is this rift between Marketing and Sales?  It used to be about the value and quality of Marketing Qualified Leads. Now the new issue is that Sales is not using the content that we work hard to create in support of their efforts. There are five primary reasons why:

1.  I don’t know where to find or how to access our content.

You want to say: And I bet that you can’t find your socks or underwear when you are getting ready for work either. Come now, you are an adult!

What you probably should say:  I would be glad to help you anytime you need it.

2.  I don’t understand the value of content in the sales process.

You want to say: If you haven’t tried using it yet, then how are you going to see the value in it? Do you think it’s going to happen by magic?

What you probably should say: Let’s give it a try and see what happens.

3. I’ve never used content and I don’t need it. I’m doing fine without it.

You want to say: I bet that you were doing fine before you began driving, but now you see the value in it. How much better could you be doing with content?

What you probably should say: Let’s give it a try and see how much better you can do by using the content.

4. I’m not confident that content will be effective in meeting the prospect’s needs.

You want to say: And you know that how? Give me three examples of this.

What you probably should say: Have you asked the prospects what they like or dislike about our content? How did they respond to that?

We Are All On the Same Team!

My answer to these reasons is to remove their excuses from the equation.  Go to the Sales Manager and say “We are all on the same team, trying our best to drive more revenue. Let’s meet to brainstorm a plan to work more efficiently and effectively together.

Start the meeting by welcoming Sales and thanking them for attending. State that your purpose is to help them be more effective and help them earn more money. Usually you can count on the “M” word to grab the attention of those still playing with their phones. Usually people respond well to seeing what’s in it for them.

Explain to them why content is important in supporting the sales funnel and how it can be a key helper in the sales process. Discuss your relevant content pieces and their role. to educate sales and answer their questions. This should easily answer questions about the value of content in the sales process.

Next, let’s resolve the question about locating content. Set up a folder on a shared server where all sales related content can be found. Have each of them access it in the meeting. Work with those who can’t to resolve their issues. Alternatively, create a desktop folder where content emailed to them can be stored. All they have to do is drag and drop it in the right place. Suggest that they read appropriate pieces before a sale call so they know exactly where it is when they need it.

After covering all of your content pieces, ask for ideas for new content that they would like you to create. Was there any part of the sales funnel or process that wasn’t covered? This should make them feel like a partner and that they have a say in the process. Suggest they ask customers what problems they are having and ideas for content.


This may not fit into one session; it is a great foundation for future meetings. The key is to set the tone in the first meeting that you are there to help them. That you genuinely want to be their partner. Showing you care about resolving issues will go a long way towards gaining their respect. What are your ideas on this topic?


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Why Sales Isn’t Using Your Content



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