The Benefits of After the Sale Content

I have long been an advocate of after the sale support content. The marketing world is enamored with generating fresh new lead generating content. But, little thought is given to this often forgotten content need.  The prevailing attitude is “Why would we want to spend our time and revenue supporting a sale that’s already been made?

The reason is because happy customers become customer advocates. Happy customers generate word of mouth advertising.  Happy customers write testimonials that look stunningly good on your landing pages and website!  There is no substitute for having a bevy of happy customers in your corner.

What is Post Sale Content?

Post sale content helps the customer understand how to use and/or maintain the product at a high level. It helps customers to maximize their use of the product and all its features, helping them to realize a rapid return on their investment.

Have you ever heard a customer confess that they couldn’t understand how to use the product, so they didn’t see results? Of course not! What you do hear is “they sold me a pig in a poke, took my money and left me high and dry.” Now you can’t have that kind of testimonial out there making the rounds.

So, for the first six months after the sale you provide them a white paper, infographic or video that helps the customer reach the promised land. Clearly state that you are there to support them through any difficulties and will do whatever it takes to deliver value to them.

Generating Post Sales Content 

Sales, customer service and technical support groups can help you learn which issues they receive the most help inquiries for.  Also how to resolve these issues. The synergy of the collective minds should give you plenty of ideas to develop into content.

Once you explain how this content will make their jobs easier, they will want to help. Some may even be willing to write the content for you, or assist you with the technical knowledge you will need. Prioritize your list starting with the most frequent issues first.

Also inquire about tips, tricks and shortcuts that will help users to be more efficient or save time. Product user groups would be another good source for ideas. User groups help members with problems and tips to be more efficient. Ideas that generate an easier, smoother and more effective experience are worth writing about.


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