Ten Quick Tips to Maximize Your Landing Page Results

It’s that time of the month again where you are starting to panic. Your lead count is lower than expected and you are wondering what you can do to fix it.  Relax, worry is just wasted energy, and it never really changes anything. Does it?  Put that energy into evaluating your process. You’ve written great content and have taken the time to distribute it effectively. The problem may lie in your landing page.

The landing page is where convince the reader to download the helpful content you prepared. This is where the rubber meets the road. Where you win or lose the battle of Call to Action (CTA).  So, if your leads are down, then this is the first place you go to troubleshoot why. Here are ten quick tips for maximizing your landing page results.

  1. Less is more, as you want your words to stand out. It should consist of one paragraph, three bullet points, a testimonial, a CTA button, a link to your privacy page, and an information gathering section. Only ask for the information you need on the person (i.e. Name, title, email, company, phone number). Keep it simple, straight forward and to the point. 
  2. Be consistent. The CTA and landing page copy need to convey the same message and value.
  3. Extend your reach by adding social share buttons to your landing page. A great offer or interesting content is something they may want to pass along to their followers.
  4. Does your headline clearly tell the visitor what your landing page offers?
  5. Your CTA should direct visitors. Make it clear what to do and what they will receive.  Enhance its effectiveness by using verbiage that conveys urgency.
  6. Keep your copy above the fold, no scrolling should be necessary. 
  7. What’s in it for me? Keep your copy in the second person, i.e. “learn how you can improve the effectiveness of your lead generation.”
  8. Make your CTA pop off of the page by using color, contrast and spacing around it.
  9. Guide how your visitors navigate the page by using formatting to direct them to the CTA.
  10. Copy should dive straight into benefits and needs it will fulfill if they complete the CTA. This is not a place for fluff or extra description. It is your bare bones facts 

Once your visitor engages the CTA button, direct them to a thank you page and send them an auto response email. Don’t forget to engage your newly generated leads soon, as they definitely have a shelf life.   Feel free to A/B test any changes you made to test their effectiveness versus what you were using.


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