Five Steps to Becoming a Thought Leader

Let’s take a closer look at what it takes to becoming a genuine thought leader. Your goal should be to become an individual who drives innovation and new ideas within your industry.  Realize that this is not going to come right away or easily. However, the more you put your thoughts and ideas out there, the better you will become and the more valuable your ideas will be to others.

Step One – Establishing Your Platform

The first step is to get yourself out there with a blog on your company website, Linkedin, Twitter, or other social media outlets. If you are more of a video person, then YouTube or Tumblr. Once you have chosen a location, announce the frequency in which your blog will appear, then stick to it. It’s difficult for people to become loyal followers if they don’t know when and where to look for you.

Step Two – Prepare Yourself for the Ride

There is no manual that you can buy or a course you can take to learn how to become effective. So, you must approach other bloggers who you admire and ask them for tips and advice. Don’t be discouraged if some turn you down. Eventually someone will be flattered that you come to them for help and will agree. Ask questions and observe how they work.

Step Three -Building an Audience Through Networking

After mastering your mentor’s advice, and your blog has improved, it is time for the world at large to hear from you. This entails posting on all social media outlets that you can find.  Also reach out to new people as often as you can. Additionally, make yourself available for speaking engagements at live events. The goal is to reach as many people as possible to build your notoriety and credibility.

Step Four – Getting Published

By now, you should have an audience of regular readers who are sharing and commenting on your offerings. Begin publishing guest posts on other industry related sites. Next move up the food chain to magazines and online publication channels. This is key to greatly expanding your readership, so do it as often as possible.

Step Five – Offer New & Bolder Ideas

Your reputation as an authority has been established. So now, the last step to becoming a thought leader is to start making bolder claims and bigger predictions about the future of your industry. Driving innovation in your industry is as high as you can get.

Do not expect to accomplish all of these steps right away. Becoming a bona fide thought leader takes years to accomplish. So be patient, be diligent and be agile. Experiment with different things. If something doesn’t work, try a different approach. If you put your effort into consistently delivering the best post you can, eventually you could become a genuine thought leader.

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