How to Get Management Buy-In on Video

What do you do when management doesn’t share your vision?

We’ve all seen the lofty predictions of how video is going to revolutionize content marketing in the near future. Early adopters have already experience remarkable success with the medium. In “Marketing Video Production – You Need to Be Involved Yesterday!”, I offered six compelling reasons for using video in your content.

In spite of other’s success, many companies still are reluctant to invest cash, time and manpower. One big reason holding some back is they are still waiting to see a tangible pay back from content marketing. Content marketing is a long game process. Results are not realized immediately. Some execs are fearful of throwing good money after bad.

Others are fearful of it not working out and being stuck with equipment they will never use again. There is an intimidation factor of working in a medium that is foreign to them. Camera settings, lighting, microphones and editing software require a skill set that most employees don’t have.

Getting Buy-in for Your Vision

Capture their attention by showing them the versatility video has for benefitting the company as a whole.  To do this, start recruiting allies from various department heads that video could impact. Here is a brief list of who you can approach and videos that can benefit them:

  • Human Resources – Recruitment videos, training videos, explanation of benefits videos, and time saving videos answering FAQ’s.
  • Sales – Presentation videos for customers, recruitment videos for new sales candidates, trade show videos, sales training videos. Customer testimonials.
  • Customer Service – training videos for new CSR’s. FAQ answers that can be emailed to customers.
  • Morale boosters – Coverage of company events such as the Holiday Party, Summer Picnic, company sponsored sports teams, promotion announcements.

All a sudden it becomes obvious that video is much more than just a tool to benefit marketing. It is a multi-purposed tool that enriches the firm as a whole. Promise that you will work on video projects for other departments two days a week. Cutting your teeth on internal videos before going mainstream, will be great practice.

Video will become the talk of the company. It will be hard to deny the impact it has had on your culture, your web traffic, as well as sales and marketing. It may not be long before these departments request their own video set up. That is when you finally have the system fully at your disposal.

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