6 Advantages Video Offers Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

Creating marketing videos is no longer the complicated process it used to be. Technological advances have simplified video creation significantly. From SEO benefits through increased sales conversion, this paper covers the advantages offered to small and medium sized businesses.

  1. Numerous Distribution Channels – There are numerous free distribution channels for uploading your creations quickly and easily. These include YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram, SpreeCast, Google Hangouts, Daily Channel, SlideShare, ScreenCast, Animoto, Imeem, USteam, Flickr, and Facebook. To learn more about these see 10 YouTube Alternatives for Small Businesses.
  2. SEO Advantages – Search engines reward video content with a higher ranking than written content. If your website were to have a video and a written piece with the exact same keywords, ninety-nine times out of one hundred the video would rank higher. Since exposure is the name of the game in marketing, video is the key to being seen.
  3. Video Attraction on Web Pages – Having a video on the Home Page of your website has proven retention qualities. When presented with an engaging, entertaining video, intrigued visitors are more likely to stick around long enough to find out about your company and offerings.
  4. The Versatility of Video Sells – Video is able to provide descriptions and support of products that the written word just can’t convey. Seeing is believing is an old saying that still applies today. There is nothing better for closing a sale than for the customer to see the product in action and hear testimonials for satisfied customers. Nothing converts like a well-made, informative video!
  5. Being Different Has It’s Advantages – When I go to my inbox first thing in the morning, I am greeted by an avalanche of text based emails and promotional offers. When I get a video, usually, I stop and give it a watch, just because it is a novelty. If the video is interesting I watch it through to it’s completion. Being different sets you apart from everyone else vying for time and attention.
  6. Standing Out in the Crowd – Today there are so many people trying to attract the attention of customers and buyers, that they are literally swamped. Most of the techniques being employed are quite similar, so they blend together easily. What you need is a way to rise above the noise and stand out in the crowd.  While other’s messages are being scanned, a video can capture the imagination and spark and interest in under two minutes.

You still may be intimidated by the technical aspect, but I encourage you to see just how easy and relatively inexpensive that video production can be.  At your local electronics store, ask for a demonstration of video cameras and you will see that it basically is point and shoot. Video software has been scaled back to make editing and adding titles and text to your video as easy as pie.

I imagine that you have seen the amazing videos shot by ten year old kids on i-Phone commercials such as “The Onion”.  HiP has dedicated a section of our content library to support those who are starting up video operations, covering everything from equipment and lighting to creating great video content. These are available to you at no cost, anytime 24-7.

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