Feeling All Alone in the Big Bad World of Sales?

Help may be closer than you think.

Quotas to meet, sales managers on your back, potential customers stalling you? Are you feeling alone in the big, bad world of sales?  Well, help may not be far off, if you look in the right place.

In many organizations, there is a quasi-adversarial relationship between the sales group and marketing. Sales likes to blame marketing for not enough qualified leads coming down the pipeline. Marketing likes to blame sales for not moving on their leads in a timely fashion.

These two should be natural allies! They are both on the same team and they want the same thing, to fill company coffers with revenue. Revenue keeps jobs secure, revenue available for toys and raises, and keeps executives happy.  Unfortunately, this isn’t happening in many organizations.

Why Would Marketing Help Me?

When you approach marketing, explain that you have valuable information that could help them. Marketing is under the gun to personalize the content they are launching. Their material must resonate with customers and prospects in order to be viewed as thought leaders in the industry.

You know the marketplace and its decision makers. You know what their headaches are and how your products can solve them. You also know the personas of various decision makers and what is their hot buttons. This is prime material for improving marketing’s content. You have your finger on the pulse of marketing’s target. Who better for them to partner with?

What Could Marketing Do to Help Me?

Marketing can write useful content that can use at every stage along the sales funnel. Your input could help them to author their most effective content ever. This could help in moving the sales process forward and be a major help you in the field.

Marketing may be able to launch mini-campaigns to your prospects to open doors and generate leads for you. This is an excellent technique to fill in meeting schedules for trips out of town. Launching an email campaign in advance of the trip could attract meetings with other potential customers there.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the reasons for the disconnect between these two departments, you should approach them. If your department isn’t interested in doing this, then approach one of the marketers and try to develop a one on one relationship. If you can make it work, both of you will benefit from the shared experience and knowledge. Once the others take notice of your success, they will naturally want to fall in and reap the benefits as well.

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