Establishing New Hunting Grounds

Marketing targets you may not be covering off on presently.

As marketers, we all are quite aware of the value of email, content and social media as lead generation targets. However, I recently noticed that no one ever seems to write content papers about breaking new ground when it comes to places to share our content.

Content marketing is all about getting the right message to the right people. Often it fails because there are not enough of the right people actually viewing our expertly crafted content pieces. So, the question is, how and where do you find the right sets of eyeballs?

In another incarnation, I worked as an Executive Recruiter locating Engineers, Plant Managers and Scientists. One of my best resources was technical and trade associations. They were made up of professionals from the industries that I was hunting in.

How Can They Benefit Me?

It crossed my mind that these would be excellent targets for content distribution. Make a list of all the industries that your products are marketed to and appropriate for.  Next, make another list of the roles of the decision makers involved in the purchase of your products. Using your favorite search engine, search for trade associations for the industries you market to and for the positions that purchase your products. You are sure to come up with options that will broaden your hunting grounds significantly.

How do I Engage Them?

Contacting the associations, you located, explain that you serve the industry and have valuable information that would be of interest to their members. (Be sure they know that it is not sales information.) Ask if they have a newsletter that you could contribute to. Some associations, by becoming a member, will provide you with a membership roster complete with contact information and titles. I am sure your sales team would love to get their hands on this. Be sure to ask each person you speak with about other related associations and industry publications out there and how to reach them.

The idea here is to expand the reach of your data base to include as many people that your content will resonate with as possible. Sales and marketing is a numbers game, so the more contacts and sources you have, the greater your odds of success.


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