The Content Marketing Pressure Cooker

Content Marketing is a cruel task master.

Do you feel the pressure of putting out your next great content marketing asset? Many marketers do. You are expected to have with a perpetual stash of great and insightful ideas that will be fresh, compelling and unique. Not to mention that it should use humor, tell a story and on top of all this be personalized. Raise your hand if you wonder when will the flood of expectations that marketers pile on each other end?

It seems to me that the pressure of “Content is King” has driven creative marketers to expand the boundaries of what successful content is. The boundaries are now so wide that the picture of what actually works has been blurred and distorted. From my perspective, this is a classic case of too many chefs spoiling the broth.

In our collective search for new material to publish, we have saturated the internet with opinions and suggestions. We are stumbling over each other.  Try Googling your next great content idea and you very well may find 15 other pieces already out there on it! It really makes me wonder are there any “fresh” or “unique” ideas left?

We constantly hear the hype about content being king, brands needing to act like publishers, and content is the only form of marketing left. This has put pressure on all of us to meet lofty expectations. Fortunately, content was billed as having a long term pay off, biding us some time to generate results. I have serious doubts about content being right for all businesses. After all, the truth is that not everyone was cut out to be a thought leader.

Key Questions to Ask Yourself.

  • Is content a rock solid choice for your business?
  • Is content outperform your other marketing channels?
  • Is the return your content program exceeding your investment including manpower?

After answering these questions honestly, you will be able to see the right path. If you don’t see it working out, at least you can put your all into other channels that have a better chance of working for your organization. If you do think content is working for you, great! I would give it your best committed effort to make it work. Try mixing up your content, delivering it as video, infographics, webinars, and white papers/eBooks. If you are running out of topics, maybe mixing up the delivery format will help.


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    Gerry Nason Written by:

    Gerry Nason is a Senior Content Copywriter for HiP B2B. He also has extensive experience with generating high quality executive leads. Gerry worked for six years as the Producer & Director of a weekly music show, appearing on cable access TV in New England. During those six years, In Tune won 18 awards for video excellence.

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