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My father, long ago and far away, taught me the difference between working hard and working smart. That day, I learned that if the quality of your work is good, who cares if you choose the easy path or not? So, I am always interested in discovering new ways to make my job easier.

Being a content copywriter means having to digest large quantities of information in a short window and create a marketing masterpiece to die for. One day I was going thru an online folder with some of the pieces that I have given life to. That is when I had the Ah-ha moment, where the light bulb pops up overhead.

Re-purposing the older work would save hours in preparation. The story is basically all written except for bringing it current with new information or stories. Here are my –

Three Key Content Refreshment Opportunities

To get you started on your shortcut to content contentment, here are three easy and time saving ways to spin a “previously viewed” piece.  These are:

  • Putting Lipstick on the Pig – Most of the work is in front of you already. A quick Google search on the topic will allow you to update the topic. After distilling the Google information with the previous content, you should be able to rewrite it, as a brand new white letter, ebook, email, etc. So, dress that piggy up and take it to the fair!
  • Undergoing Media Reassignment Surgery – Media reassignment surgery is not as drastic as it sounds. We are simply going extract the information from the original piece and transfer it to either white paper/e-book, video or infographic formats.

Related side note – (I just read a report that 69% of all internet driven content is video based. If you are not doing it, now is the time to start.)

  • Flagging Down Zombies on the Road to Atlanta – Now it is time to take our creative genius to the people. Our goal is to attract as many people as possible, feeding the lead generation machine. This is a “more the merrier” party, where you can reap maximum returns by exploiting all distribution channels.

Obviously, there is a lot more to it, and there is a lot more content out there that breaks down each of the segments I have outlined in this overview of the topic. If you would like more detailed information on how to refresh and upgrade your existing content, I invite you to drill down into these excellent pieces:

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    Gerry Nason is a Senior Content Copywriter for HiP B2B. He also has extensive experience with generating high quality executive leads. Gerry worked for six years as the Producer & Director of a weekly music show, appearing on cable access TV in New England. During those six years, In Tune won 18 awards for video excellence.

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