Four Easy Tips for Making Your Marketing Content More Interesting

Is your writing boring? Does a large group of your readers save your work for bed time, using it as a sleep aid? Does your work inspire the need to the comment or share with others? “So, what should a poor country boy like me do”, you might wonder?

Relax! Most of us work writing content for bland technological products and services. No matter how you cut it, it is indeed a challenge to romanticize ball bearings or printed circuit boards. You can always put lipstick on the pig and take it to town. Or, you can take a look at:

Make Your Marketing Content More Interesting

First Things, First…… – Selecting a subject can at times be the hardest part of the entire content creation exercise. Always remember that topic ideas are gold. Whenever and where ever inspiration strikes, STOP what you are doing and write it down. I can’t tell you how many that I have allowed to slip away back into the void because I didn’t write them down immediately.

  • Subjects that inspire you make great content selection. You will naturally sound more excited because you are more excited.
  • Write about how to resolve customer headaches and/or provide information that the reader can use to make their lives and/or jobs easier.

The James Brown “I Feel Good” Factor – The spirit in which you begin your presentation sets the tone for the entire piece. The old saying “Start it out like you want it to end up, definitely applies here. Have you ever wondered why James Brown starts his show with the classic rocker “I Got You”, belting out “I Feel Good”, as he completes a 360 degree spin in place. He sets the tone for a night of partying right off the bat.

  • Try to establish a consistent voice throughout your posts. Adapting a “brand voice” means presenting the information in a professional, authoritative and distinguished manner. For me, this limits my creativity. Tap into your own personality and create your own casual, personal style and tone for your writing.
  • The Led Zeppelin “Lead Balloon Award” – It’s common to read a whitepaper or e-book on content writing and see the author encourage you to use humor as a way of spicing up your presentation. Then the same guy turns around and in the very same paragraph tells you to be careful when using humor. So, which is it? At all times, remember that not everyone reacts the same to attempts at humor. I go for it, but am very critical during my second and third reviews.

The Hank Moody School of Creative Writing – Storytelling is a great way of creating something that is very personally yours. It springs from your mind and you direct the characters, the action and how it resolves in the end.

  • Telling stories that show how your product or service came to the aid of a customer that had a problem. Go over how your product came to the rescue, and how it was resolved. Case studies how potential customers the power of your offering. Offering a simpler version of a complex product or process can dumb it down enough to make it easier to understand and more interesting.
  • Use of metaphors and abstracts can really spice up your writing, making it more playful or unusual. Metaphors provide a better visual description of the product, problem or thought.

The Big Kumbaya in CyberSpace – Ultimately, this entire exercise distills down to one thing = developing a stronger relationship with your readers. Getting to know and understand them will make your job as a writer even easier. To sum it up, it’s about forging a more personal connection with potential customers, and entering into new client relationships with a warmer foundation. And of course, …… increasing my conversion rate in the process.

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