Five Easy Ways to Ramp Up Your Email Marketing

Email is not only one of the most effective marketing channels, but it is also the most cost effective as well. These are a few tips and observations that I have made since I began my career in lead generation 17 years ago.

  1. Subject Lines are Everything – The fact is, boring subject lines are the kiss of death. Subject lines are the single most important part of an email. First off, according to HubSpot – “Emails that included the first name of the recipient in their subject line had higher clickthrough rates than emails that did not. Personalization definitely helps with subject lines.

    I recommend asking a thought provoking question like “John, how prepared are you for the new EAOC requirements?” or “John, can we talk next Thursday afternoon?” Questions make them think. In the first example, if John is all that sure about his readiness, he may read the attached white paper. In the second example, the question almost demands an answer, whether he can meet or not. Once you have him calling you, half the battle is won.

    If your emails aren’t being opened by the same person, resort to something wacky to get their attention. There was one guy whose emails I had ignored for the better part of a year, then I received an email where the subject line asked me, “Gerry, are those your sheep in the road?”  It was so off the wall, I broke down and opened it. Creativity and imagination are your friends when it comes to subject lines.

  1. Email Content Format is Important. HotSpot also reports that – “64% of people prefer rich text emails.” Rich text emails are also important because they are far less likely to trigger spam filters than HTML. If your email doesn’t get delivered, then your message, no matter how good it is, is rendered impotent.
  1. Are your Emails and Landing Pages Mobile Ready? Litmus Software says that “51% of email is now opened on a mobile device.” That is more than email read on desktop email clients. With so many workers working remotely these days, it is essential to make sure that your messages are formatted to be easily read on all types of mobile devices. The same goes for your landing pages or website that the email may direct the reader to.
  1. According to Campaign Monitor, there are two aspects that are important to Call to Action Buttons. These are Copy and Design.  Your copy should compel the reader to act by focusing on the benefit the reader will obtain. Instead of a button that says “Learn More”, try one that explains exactly what is in it for them if they click the button – “Learn to Write Email Copy that Sells”.

    The Call to Action Button should stand out on the page. Try using a color that contrasts with other colors used on the page. The button should also look like a button. Campaign Monitor reminds us that “People have been clicking buttons on the web for years, and they intuitively know it’s what they need to do to get to the next step.” It should be appropriately sized and surrounded by white space.

  1. Introduce the reader to your social media presence. Be sure to include links to all of your social media channels, helping drive new followers to your accounts and expanding your reach. If you have a site that houses all of your marketing content, be sure to include a link to that, as they may see several other white papers that catch their interest.

Famous Last Words

“Marketing is like sex: everyone thinks they’re good at it.”

– Steve Tobak, Managing Partner of Invisor Consulting

The Big Kumbaya in CyberSpace

Sharing and discussing content posts brings us together as one. Sharing ideas, answering and asking questions makes us all strong. Please take the time to share what works for you.

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