Ten Key Things to Prepare for the Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us. This is a time of the year when there seems to be more things to do than there is time to do them. Not only are you tasked with the end of the month closing for November and December, but you also are looking at the yearend goals and wrap up as well. On the personal side, you have holiday parties, gift shopping and purchases, holiday greeting cards, etc.

With all of this happening, we thought that it would be helpful to have a list of ten key things that should not go unnoticed before you wrap up the year. Since the seconds are ticking, let’s get right to it.

  1. Happy Workers are Productive Workers – Delegate the holiday decorating to your most creative workers. Focus not only on the lobby and public areas but on the office and work areas as well. If customers visit your business, it is a nice touch for putting them in the holiday season, as well. Perhaps even switching off the “muzak” to a variety of holiday sounds. This also goes for the music your callers hear while on hold.
  2. Plan the Holiday Party Early – Holiday party bookings fill up at the most desirable locations fast. It is best to make your reservations shortly after Halloween is over with. This should get you the best selection of locations, menu items and dates.
  3. Be Sensitive to All Employees – The Christmas season is a religious holiday season for co-workers of all faiths. A simple change to Holiday Season includes everyone.
  4. Plan “Off Time” Early – The holidays are when employees want to spend time with their families. Naturally, you would like to accommodate them, but you still have a business to run. Departments need to be covered to maintain your ability to serve customers. Employees who haven’t taken time off earlier in the year should be given first shot at the days they’d like off, as they covered all the other holidays for everyone else.
  5. Deciding upon Holiday Work Hours – Plan your business hours Thanksgiving thru New Year’s Day. Announce these to your staff and customers so everyone will know what to expect. You might also post them on your recorded announcement heard when callers are placed on hold.
  6. Show Customers That You Appreciate Their Business –Show customers your appreciation their patronage. How about sending a hand signed card to their CEO, along with a warm personal message? Your sales team could use this time to personally wish their contacts happy holidays and see what the customers’ needs will be for the coming year.
  7. Branded Holiday Videos for Social Media –Have your marketing department put together a fun branded video to leverage social media channels. It isn’t as much about being a source of lead generation, as it is about further entrenching the brand in potential customer’s minds.
  8. Use Pinterest to Inspire Holiday Cheer Emma Siemasko writes “This holiday season, pinners, posters and marketers alike are turning to Pinterest to promote their brands, offering inspiring and creative examples of how the platform can be used to create brand awareness as shoppers make their buying decisions. Pinterest has enjoyed significant growth.”
  9. Having a One on One Handshake with Each Employee – There is nothing more powerful than the CEO or a President to take time out to thank each of the staff personally with a handshake and a well-deserved “Thank you for your hard work!” Make it a point to show your workers how much you appreciate them.
  10. Company Wide Progress Update & New Year Pep Hootnanny – The holidays are a great time to celebrate the company’s progress versus last year. Thank the staff for their hard work and successes. Also a few points of what the new year will focus on, will set the staff’s sights for the future. It’s time to celebrate what you have accomplished and look to tomorrow with renewed hope and excitement.

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