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10 Must Haves for The Perfect Mobile Email

Email has been our “go to” tool for over 30 years now. Yes, email has been an integral part of our day to day lives. The biggest change in email over this time has been the mobile revolution.  People have literally become slaves to their mobile devices. You can’t go anywhere but you see the bulk of the people around you looking down at their phones. How has this affected email, you might ask.

A recent survey by  shows23% of every mobile Internet hour is spent reading emails, and as per Adestra’s Consumer Adoption Report 2016, emails stand as the 2nd preferred activity in smartphones. Finally, in February 2016 posted “Email Market Share: Mobile Opens Climb Back to 55%.”

I could go on and on showing metrics that validate the mobile revolution’s assimilation of email. The $64,000 question is have you adjusted your email creation strategy to optimize how your emails appear on mobile devices? Obviously, if email opens are transitioning from the desktop to smartphones and tablets, you want your messages to appear as perfectly as they can.

To assist you in reviewing the mobile readiness of your emails, we’ve prepared a checklist of suggestions that will assist you in optimizing your messages.

  1. Composing shorter subject lines.
  2. Keeping email under 600 pixels wide.
  3. Using a larger font size
  4. Displaying smaller images
  5. Keep you call to action front and center
  6. Do not make your call to action an image
  7. Using pre-header text can make emails more mobile friendly.
  8. Keep your copy concise
  9. White space is your friend. Have plenty of it for making it easy to click links.
  10. Better safe than sorry. Test your emails across multiple devices.

More and more emails are being opened on mobile devices every month, let alone years, so it is important for your firm to adapt now. We hope that this

check- list will help to improve your mobile email effectiveness.


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